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MoodBoardly: the mood board tool for all "up-to-date" interior designers and creatives

Using multiple tools to visualize your ideas for your interior design projects can be frustrating. Finding the fitting pieces, downloading all the pictures, saving the links; and after all, creating an extra shopping list… An extremely time-consuming process. How cool would it be, if all this would be possible in one tool? We thought the same. That's why we dreamed and created it: after studying the designing process in all their details, we tried to make the best and most intuitive tool possible. This is how MoodBoardly came to life. With MoodBoardly you have the coolest mood board tool for your private and also for your commercial interior design projects. Search for products, create your mood board, plus your shopping list at the same time. You can save plenty of time while presenting your project in a beautiful and professional way. That sounds more that amazing, I know. As an interior designer, I struggled with all the classic problems, so I am happy to help other designers who are in the same situation. We try to make MoodBoardly as helpful as possible for designers and creatives, so we can make their life easier and more fun. Is MoodBoardly the best mood board tool out there? Try it, share your projects, and tell us your honest feedback (use the feedback pop-up on the page side). So we can make it better and better.

See what's possible with the MoodBoardly tool.

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All features in one tool

Flip pictures
Turn your sofa's direction.
With one-click.
Color palettes
Use shapes for color palettes.
Beatiful fonts
Add texts to your board.
Layer your pictures as you want.
Search and find products
Rich integrated product database.
Be fast
Automatic purchase lists.
Be productive
Integrated project cost calculator.
Be individual
Add your own products and create your own catalog.
Little magic
Automatic background removals.
And much more...

Your beautiful portfolio.

Share your style and sell clients your service.

What is the story behind the tool?

🛋 I (Marta – founder of wohnly - Online Interior Service and interior designer) used several software tools for creating and visualizing my ideas for my clients. That process was extremely time-consuming. 👩🏼‍💻 While I was working on my projects, Gabor (my husband and a real software nerd) watched me how I was working. He told me: "I can create a tool for you, so you can work faster, and your work will look much better". 👨🏻‍💻 In 2020 he started to build MoodBoardly, and I tested and used it for my projects. Immediately, I saved a lot of time while creating mood boards and shopping lists for my clients. With the help of my and our first costumers' feedback, he optimized and improved it. This is how we got to the current version.
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Always dreamed of becoming an interior designer?

You can show your skills while creating interior design boards on MoodBoardly.
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Wishing you a good mood Founder & Professional Interior Designer MoodBoardlywohnly